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A very good spoof on the superhero genre.

Very well organized, the clip transition was very nice, but the animation on some of the clips seemed very lazy.

Makeshift responds:

OMG it's Fezz.

that was fucking amazing

Fantastic work man, spot on. Fucking spot on.


Easily the best of all gun sound videos.

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Not very realistic.

I talk my way out of tickets all the time by hitting on cops.

FINALLY you produce a half decent game!

As you may know, I'm not a big fan of your games, finding them all cliche' top down shooters that you hail as the greatest groundbreaking technology since PONG and 3 dimensional television. I also criticize your beating to death of the top-down genre, with a good 90% of your games being top-down.

With The Savior, you've at least tried something new. Let's start with what I liked.

I liked the stat upgrading, and the backstory, or as you refer to it - RPG elements. That's debatable but I see where you're going with it and it needs work, but it's good for the time being. I also like the transition from close-up indoors and farther away when outside.

Now what can be worked on - TRY SOMETHING THAT ISN'T TOP-DOWN! It can really show your graphic and programming skills, staring at tops of heads gets boring after...well...really fast.

The walking animations are rather awkward, with the character looking like he's lurching to the bathroom with a nice turd coming out of his crack.

The voice acting was rather poor - not unbearable, but it gets annoying having to sit through the dialog then being able to click and reveal the whole text dialog. The one continuous loop of music also took away from enjoyability too.

Shockingly Amazing.

Very few games on newgrounds these days give me karpal tunnel and eyestrain. This game did, for a good 4 hours. That's all I have to say. Hope to see a sequel.

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"Trance" Song Put Best!

I can definitely see this used in any kind of game, it just seems like it would fit well with anything from a fighting game to a puzzle game. I like how it goes from a trance/techno song to a spacey -trance like song.

I really like it,

I like it because you know, it's not like HEAVY heavy guitar-type metal, and more in the vein of bands like my favorite Avenged Sevenfold.

HappyHomicide responds:

Its not really in the vein of any band, id say. its just METAL!

Raw and simple, as stated.

Great job. Everyone should use this.

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those are boobs and im 15 so i like it a lot! 10/10!

Weird, for sure.

It almost looks like an albino dog turd if you just take a glance at it, but then you notice the little details and it looks like something straight out of Silent Hill.

Epic tits are epic.

Think we can get a NSFW version...for art related reasons of course.

I'm not really on here anymore.

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