Keep up with me.

2013-12-14 17:44:44 by Fezz

I really miss the people I've met on this site since I joined in 2006 as a naive 12 year old. Pretty sure a lot of people talked to me only because of the dumb childish shit I would say, but nevertheless, you all shaped my sense of humor into the fucked-up awkwardness that it is today.

I'm seldom on here anymore, but I do that twitter thing a lot.


Me Specs!

2010-12-14 22:36:05 by Fezz

They pinched me specs!

I can't see without me specs!

Me Specs!

Bands I Will See Live Before I Die.

2010-07-13 01:31:47 by Fezz

It's one in the morning, and I've been watching bands live on youtube. So, deal with my shitty taste in music, make reccomendations in the comments, and such.

: Band/Song I want to see in their set

# 1 - Darkest Hour - A Paradox with Flies
# 2 - Atreyu - Ain't Love Grand
#3 - Mastodon - Oblivion
#4 - System of a Down - Metro
#5 - Trivium - Like Light to the Flies
#6 - Machine Head - Now I Lay Thee Down
#7 - All That Remains - Two Weeks
#8 - Blink-182 - Down
#9 - Between the Buried and Me - The Day I Tried to Live (Soundgarden Cover)
#10 - Five Finger Death Punch - The Bleeding
#11 - Senses Fail - Sick Or Sane (Fifty for a Twenty)
#12 - The Bled - Shadetree Mechanics
#13 - Protest the Hero - Blindfolds Aside
#14 - Collective Soul - Shine
#15 - The Hives - Tick Tick Boom
#16 - Muse - Invincible
#17 - Rise Against - Savior
#19 - In This Moment - The Gun Show

Bands I Have Seen
: Band/Best song from set

#1 - Metallica - Fade to Black
#2 - Lamb of God - Set to Fail
#3 - Gojira - Vacuity

So, new supermarket opened up.

2010-04-16 22:23:53 by Fezz

...and the international section is so full of lulz.

So, new supermarket opened up.

Jesus Christ, Lord of Ass.

2009-12-06 10:55:50 by Fezz

Dad saw this on TV, looks fucking interesting.

Submitted to FailBlog, please vote here.

Jesus Christ, Lord of Ass.

Official NG Underage Users List.

2007-10-14 18:01:06 by Fezz

~Post old as shit. Leaving up due to sheer amount of comments.

I've been documenting underage NG users for a few weeks now, and here's what I've come up with. If you have a suggestion, drop me a comment below.
1.BloodyChainsaw1: I KNOW this kid is not 17. He's obsessed with guns, as a small child would. He curses like a sailor.Then he made a thread about Santa. He claims Santa isn't real. Parent's don't tell their kids about Santa being false till about 12-13. Notice how, he never mentions his parents being involved in any way. He steals faster than Barry Bonds fills his ass up with steroids. He's a "pivot-fag". Meaning he thinks pivot is flash. He pic spams way too much. He cracks yo momma jokes.He's now ChainsawMurderer53 and Tehpivot. People ask me how I know it's him for sure. All his names are blantly obvious, I can sniff this little fag out from a mile away.

2.AshCohen: All he talks about is how's he is rich and fucks his "girlfriend" all the time. If you believe this guy, please die.

3.elmosyous: C'mon, anyone who has "elmo" in their name is pre-pubescent. He also admits he's 12.

4.NaziNinja: This guy made an epic thread not too long ago where he forgot to clear his searchbar before making a picture. Kim Possible Hentai. Is that enough? Well, just in case, here's some more dirt on this kid. When I asked him why he was a nazi, he replied, "Cuz I feel like it." He has no clue what the opinions of nazism is either. When I called him an 11 year-old, he said "You got a problem wit dat bitch ho?" Oh, so he's a rapper-nazi now?

5.ZiggyZack99: I got a PM asking to see if this guy was underage, after 3 and half minutes of face-melting research, I've concluded that there is a 50/50 chance he is underage. He may 13, but I suspect around 12.

6.hamz10: Admitted he was 9 years old. Not a smart one either.

7.Yoshi7777: I've gotten two comments about him, and I've concluded he is an annoying ass-munch.

8.SaltshakerClock: He's 12, but he's mature.

USER SUBMITTED UNDERAGE USERS:(I'm too lazy to investigate.)
Bryson374,ZombiePhil,SONICMEGA,DA-Frea kshow,Bernie-Buddy,7IsUnlucky,AndrewGl isson11,AcidSoldier

Official NG Underage Users List.