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I'm not really on here anymore.

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Posted by Fezz - December 14th, 2013

I really miss the people I've met on this site since I joined in 2006 as a naive 12 year old. Pretty sure a lot of people talked to me only because of the dumb childish shit I would say, but nevertheless, you all shaped my sense of humor into the fucked-up awkwardness that it is today.

I'm seldom on here anymore, but I do that twitter thing a lot.


Posted by Fezz - December 14th, 2010

They pinched me specs!

I can't see without me specs!

Me Specs!

Posted by Fezz - July 13th, 2010

It's one in the morning, and I've been watching bands live on youtube. So, deal with my shitty taste in music, make reccomendations in the comments, and such.

: Band/Song I want to see in their set

# 1 - Darkest Hour - A Paradox with Flies
# 2 - Atreyu - Ain't Love Grand
#3 - Mastodon - Oblivion
#4 - System of a Down - Metro
#5 - Trivium - Like Light to the Flies
#6 - Machine Head - Now I Lay Thee Down
#7 - All That Remains - Two Weeks
#8 - Blink-182 - Down
#9 - Between the Buried and Me - The Day I Tried to Live (Soundgarden Cover)
#10 - Five Finger Death Punch - The Bleeding
#11 - Senses Fail - Sick Or Sane (Fifty for a Twenty)
#12 - The Bled - Shadetree Mechanics
#13 - Protest the Hero - Blindfolds Aside
#14 - Collective Soul - Shine
#15 - The Hives - Tick Tick Boom
#16 - Muse - Invincible
#17 - Rise Against - Savior
#19 - In This Moment - The Gun Show

Bands I Have Seen
: Band/Best song from set

#1 - Metallica - Fade to Black
#2 - Lamb of God - Set to Fail
#3 - Gojira - Vacuity

Posted by Fezz - April 16th, 2010

...and the international section is so full of lulz.

So, new supermarket opened up.

Posted by Fezz - December 6th, 2009

Dad saw this on TV, looks fucking interesting.

Submitted to FailBlog, please vote here.

Jesus Christ, Lord of Ass.

Posted by Fezz - October 14th, 2007

~Post old as shit. Leaving up due to sheer amount of comments.

I've been documenting underage NG users for a few weeks now, and here's what I've come up with. If you have a suggestion, drop me a comment below.
1.BloodyChainsaw1: I KNOW this kid is not 17. He's obsessed with guns, as a small child would. He curses like a sailor.Then he made a thread about Santa. He claims Santa isn't real. Parent's don't tell their kids about Santa being false till about 12-13. Notice how, he never mentions his parents being involved in any way. He steals faster than Barry Bonds fills his ass up with steroids. He's a "pivot-fag". Meaning he thinks pivot is flash. He pic spams way too much. He cracks yo momma jokes.He's now ChainsawMurderer53 and Tehpivot. People ask me how I know it's him for sure. All his names are blantly obvious, I can sniff this little fag out from a mile away.

2.AshCohen: All he talks about is how's he is rich and fucks his "girlfriend" all the time. If you believe this guy, please die.

3.elmosyous: C'mon, anyone who has "elmo" in their name is pre-pubescent. He also admits he's 12.

4.NaziNinja: This guy made an epic thread not too long ago where he forgot to clear his searchbar before making a picture. Kim Possible Hentai. Is that enough? Well, just in case, here's some more dirt on this kid. When I asked him why he was a nazi, he replied, "Cuz I feel like it." He has no clue what the opinions of nazism is either. When I called him an 11 year-old, he said "You got a problem wit dat bitch ho?" Oh, so he's a rapper-nazi now?

5.ZiggyZack99: I got a PM asking to see if this guy was underage, after 3 and half minutes of face-melting research, I've concluded that there is a 50/50 chance he is underage. He may 13, but I suspect around 12.

6.hamz10: Admitted he was 9 years old. Not a smart one either.

7.Yoshi7777: I've gotten two comments about him, and I've concluded he is an annoying ass-munch.

8.SaltshakerClock: He's 12, but he's mature.

USER SUBMITTED UNDERAGE USERS:(I'm too lazy to investigate.)
Bryson374,ZombiePhil,SONICMEGA,DA-Frea kshow,Bernie-Buddy,7IsUnlucky,AndrewGl isson11,AcidSoldier

Official NG Underage Users List.